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اسفند 22, 1395

Write Great Essays

Book Details: Author: Peter Levin Publisher: Open University Press Publication date: 2009 Number of Pages: 200 Price: $19

This book remains the book of choice for students with essays to write!

How to read selectively [...]

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اسفند 21, 1395

Letter Writing

Book Details: Author: Terttu Nevalainen , Sanna-Kaisa Tanskanen Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company Publication date: 2007 Number of Pages: 160 Price: $47

The contributions in this book discuss letter-writing from 1400 [...]

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اسفند 9, 1395

Write Yourself: Creative Writing and Personal Development

Book Details: Author: Gillie Bolton Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers Publication date: 2011 Number of Pages: 290 Price: $32

Write Yourself is a complete introduction to facilitating creative writing for therapy or [...]

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مهر 3, 1391

Be a Sentence Mechanic

Book Details: Author: Publisher: Publication date: 2010 Number of Pages: 26 Price: $1

Offers punctuation practice. The answer sheets are also available at the second half of the book.

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شهریور 9, 1391

Resource Books for Teachers: Writing with Children

Book Details: Author: Jackie Reilly, Vanessa Reilly Publisher: Oxford University Press Publication date: 2005 Number of Pages: 166 Price: $28

Offers guidance on introducing and developing writing skills with young [...]

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لطفا ابتدا از طریق دکمه کلید سمت چپ منوی بالا وارد شوید و به صفحه اشتراک مراجعه کنید.

با توجه به یکپارچه شدن سیستم ثبت نام و ورود سایت، انجمن و کتابخانه مترجم آنلاین، لطفا برای ثبت نام تنها از این لینک و فراموشی رمز عبور از این لینک استفاده نمایید.

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