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تیر 19, 1396

Old English Literature: A Short Introduction

درآمدی کوتاه بر ادبیات کهن انگلیسی

Author: Daniel Donoghue

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Publication date: 2004

Number of Pages: 162

Price: $32

This innovative and intriguing introduction to Old English literature is structured around what the author calls ‘figures’ from Anglo-Saxon culture: the Vow, the Hall, the Miracle, the Pulpit, and the Scholar.

An innovative and intriguing introduction to Old English literature. Structured [...]

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تیر 19, 1396

Wordsworth, Commodification, and Social Concern: The Poetics of Modernity

Author: David Simpson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Publication date: 2011

Number of Pages: 292

Price: $40

This reading of Wordworth’s poetry by leading critic David Simpson centres on its almost obsessive representation of spectral forms and images of death in life. Wordsworth is reacting, Simpson argues, to the massive changes in the condition of England and the modern world at the turn of the century: mass warfare; the increased scope of machine-driven [...]

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تیر 19, 1396

Can Poetry Save the Earth?: A Field Guide to Nature Poems

Author: John Felstiner

Publisher: Yale University Press

Publication date: 2010

Number of Pages: 440

Price: $16

Poems vivifying nature have gripped people for centuries. From Biblical times to the present day, poetry has continuously drawn us to the natural world. In this thought-provoking book, John Felstiner explores the rich legacy of poems that take nature as their subject, and he demonstrates their force and beauty. In our own time of environmental crises, he [...]

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تیر 19, 1396

A Linguistic History of English Poetry

تاریخ زبانشناسی شعر انگلیسی

Author: Richard Bradford

Publisher: Routledge

Publication date: 1993

Number of Pages: 240

Price: $46

This introductory book takes the reader through literary history from the Renaissance to Postmodernism, and considers individual texts as paradigms which can both reflect and unsettle their broader linguistic and cultural contexts. Richard Bradford provides detailed readings of individual texts which emphasize their [...]

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تیر 16, 1396

Practice Makes Perfect Arabic Vocabulary

واژگان زبان عربی

Author: Jane Wightwick , Mahmoud Gaafar

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Publication date: 2012

Number of Pages: 208

Price: $16

Go beyond Marhaba and add thousands of words and expressions to your Arabic vocabulary

To communicate comfortably in Arabic, you need easy access to a variety of words and expressions. In Practice Makes Perfect: Arabic Vocabulary you get the tools you need to expand your lexicon and sharpen your [...]

راهنمای سریع

لطفا ابتدا از طریق دکمه کلید سمت چپ منوی بالا وارد شوید و به صفحه اشتراک مراجعه کنید.

با توجه به یکپارچه شدن سیستم ثبت نام و ورود سایت، انجمن و کتابخانه مترجم آنلاین، لطفا برای ثبت نام تنها از این لینک و فراموشی رمز عبور از این لینک استفاده نمایید.

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